Creating stillness for the song of the painting to become audible ...


My quest is one of the original principle," in principio ", the beginning of everything, in the fusion of the nature's elements, to feel and invigorate the beginnings of the mysteries of creation. The ineffable in my painting is born from the suggestion, the suggestion, which is the big secret; the revealed-unrevealed invite imagination for the discovery of oneself, which is the opening of the heart. 


My work for this particular exhibition is inspired by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “Everything flows to infinity...eternally - Pantha Rhei”, the original principle of everything real being in eternal flow. Water, the force of Life, the breath of infinity and transcendence are the themes that I like to explore. The light-water emerges in different phases of incarnation in analogy with the dawn of time. The indigo and black are transcended by the eternal flow. The water-light, in perpetual motion, allows a way to go beyond appearances.

To express that idea authentically, I painted on the shores of waters of all kinds; oceans, seas, lakes, stunts. I blend into the elements of water, air, light, rock in order to understand and feel their own essence of life. More than ten years of traditional art studies, working with masters of Goethe’s colour theory and a lifetime of artistic research have led me to the alchemical processes. My technique and quest fulfil a deep metamorphosis. I realise my ideas by means of expression like sand, gold, lava, melted stone, carbonised and hardened. The latter unique black leads to the depth, to the primordial ground, to the all including initial beginning. Sand represents and reflects all: Being, becoming and passing, duration and volatility, strength and weakness, humanity, microcosm and macrocosm.

In the interspaces, I interweave the different pigments like a rainbow of conjunction, coherence and unity. The structures in the paintings support these processes with balancing, condensing, dramatizing, calming, talking or keeping silent, unifying or opposing, in different ways but never indifferent!

herbes de sable,  de ronces se partageant

cet univers avec les cailloux.

Etre serein...

de blanc écru vétu,

                    indicibles bruits,

                                         autour de lui,

entonnant la mélopée de la vie;

Le courant de vie,  explore les planètes,

les univers arides,

      les univers fertiles,

                  les coeurs arides,

les coeurs fertiles...

L'Etre assis dans un désert brûlé par le soleil;

cheveux ondulés,  mi-longs léchés

                                 par une douce brise.

 Etre par-terre assis,   de sa main caresse le sol;...       étoffe épaisse de bure,

    se fondant avec la terre

      se fondant avec l'air et pourtant si plastique.

            Mélopée d'hommages à la Vie!